Jessica speaks about her adorable daughter October...

October has good skin days and bad skin days. Sometimes she wakes up very dry and I have to put her in the bath immediately after feeding her and then lathering her in her lotions. Since I've given birth part of me was in denial that something was "wrong" with my baby girl. I remained optimistic for my sake and hers. Especially while we were waiting for her genetics testing. I noticed that I only post pictures of the good. I’m guilty of worrying about my daughter being judged or me being judged as her mother. I’m going to have to deal with questions and judgments just as much as she will. I need to be strong and I don’t want anything to ever hold her back in life. I also need to help other parents when they have a child born with ichthyosis. It was one of the scariest things I've ever gone through. All the questions, fear, and worry. I have to be real with myself and others who are following October’s story. I've seen many people commenting on how great her skin looks. Yes sometimes she does look great but I feel that’s only telling half the story. So here is the other half. She is such a beautiful, strong little girl who is going to conquer everything she sets out to

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