Join the New GENEration of Ichthyosis Research

Have you received a genetic diagnosis?

Now is the time to GET DIAGNOSED and join FIRST in playing an important role in ichthyosis research. FIRST is co-sponsoring a transformational scientific endeavor with one of the world's leading institutions in ichthyosis research, Yale University. We encourage you to take part.  The National Registry for Ichthyosis & Related Skin Disorders, "The Registry,' is available to investigators worldwide, and is the largest resource of ichthyosis patient information - critical data that holds the key to better, more targeted treatments, and eventual cures. The Registry, co-sponsored by FIRST is the next evolution of ichthyosis research.

Now is the time to get diagnosed, join The Registry and the new GENEration, and play your part in unlocking the future of ichthyosis research. Find out more at National Registry for Ichthyosis and Related Skin Disorders Frequently Asked Questions.  Or, to participate, please email the Registry’s Patient Coordinator Mary Sun at or call the Yale lab at 203-737-4675. It’s a simple process and does not require traveling to Yale. A member of the team will promptly respond.


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