FIRST Launches New TeleIchthyosis Portal!

Your Dermatologist Can Connect With Experts Remotely

Thanks to members of our Medical & Scientific Advisory Board (MSAB) and a grant from the Lennox Foundation, an all-new, relaunched FIRST Tele-Ichthyosis platform is now available to dermatologists and other health care professionals. This allows patients, with help from their local care provider, to seek input from ichthyosis experts in other parts of the country – or the world – without the costs, time and other burdens associated with traveling.

Providers can use Tele-Ichthyosis to upload questions, documents and images for input and consultation from ichthyosis and related skin type experts. The site uses a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment to allow communication between providers in different locations.

But, TeleIchthyosis offers more than a portal for doctors to connect and collaborate. It offers the promise that, one day, patients with ichthyosis and related skin disorders around the globe will have access to the care they need, at the time they need it the most.

It is now easier than ever for your physician to submit your case. After that, an expert is assigned to your case – and this step is now automated for faster service. The entire experience aims to be better for the submitting physicians and the medical experts to navigate, even including a chat option for the medical experts to confer.

This online portal takes us one step closer to closing the gap for those affected in the ichthyosis community. No matter where you live, patients and doctors can now have access to reliable, expert and cutting-edge information about these disorders. Be sure to share this very useful resource with colleagues and others.

TeleIchthyosis Portal Tutorial Portal Registration

TeleIchthyosis Portal Tutorial Case Submission




TeleIchthyosis Portal Tutorial Case Consultation for Specialists

FIRST is grateful to the Lennox Foundation for funding this project in memory of Dane Christian Phelps.
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