National Conference Financial Aid Fund

A financial aid fund is available for families to apply for financial assistance to attend the FIRST National Conferences. The National Conference Financial Aid Fund, will provide funds for registration and accommodations. Funding is limited; all applications will be evaluated based on scholarship guidelines.

Diya & Aliya's Friends (DAF) Skin Care Fund<

Diya & Aliya's Friends (DAF) Skin Care Fund

Thanks to the generosity of the Shahnaz Kraybill family and their family and friends, (Aliya, affected with ichthyosis, her sister, Diya, and their parents Durreen and Robert), FIRST has established the Diya & Aliya's Friends (DAF) Fund to help alleviate some of the financial burden that may be facing families with affected children.

UFIRST Scholars Program

UFIRST Scholars Program

The UFIRST SCHOLARS Program was established in 2010 by a seed gift from Valerie & David Scholl.  The Scholls are grandparents to an affected granddaughter who wanted to provide an opportunity for affected students to advance their post-secondary education in partnership with FIRST.  Their inspiration is to provide the opportunity for students affected with a form of ichthyosis or related skin type to achieve their highest educational potential. Other donors are encouraged to contribute to the fund to help grow its capacity.

Jane & Henry Bukaty Skin Care Fund

FIRST realizes that the fight against ichthyosis is not only medical, but also financial. As families of affected individuals maintain their daily routine of treatments, it can be complicated by the ongoing costs of medical supplies and other comforting aids and procedures.

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, FIRST has established the Jane & Henry Bukaty Skin Care Fund to help alleviate some of the financial burden that may be facing our members. Here's your opportunity to apply for some financial assistance for ichthyosis treatment.

Financial Aid for Rare Disease

Information about financial aid for rare diseases is available on the NIH website via this link.

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