Hey guys! My name is Elizabeth, I usually go by Elle. I was born with ARCI-lamellar ichthyosis, and have gone through a lot of obstacles through school, work environments, and just day to day life. I'm a married mother of 5 (6 including my bonus son), so my day-to-day life is pretty hectic lol. Through each pregnancy I was scared each of children would have my condition, due to everything I had been through, but love them regardless of the outcome.

Every pregnancy was different, I had different cravings, and the way my skin handled each pregnancy was different as well! With my oldest daughter, my skin was very easy to maintain, and I continued doing my normal routine, on top of putting more lotion on my belly throughout the day. With my second daughter, my belly didn't get as big, but I had a little more flaking than usual. My third daughter was stubborn and I had gotten bigger with her than the other 2, so I was putting on an excessive amount of lotion on throughout the day! Finally, my twin boys! This one was super hard! My hair was falling out, I could barely keep any food down, and my skin was stretched to it limit! I felt like I was always dry, and I kept lotion at my bedside! I had to have a c-section with the twins due to one of boys being breach, so my husband helped with making sure I didn't get an infection after the procedure.

After going through all of my pregnancies, none of my kids were born with my condition. But from what I was explained, even though they don't have the condition, they are carriers. The easiest way for me to explain my condition to my kids is by telling them I'm a mermaid and my skin looks like this because I'm out of water (ichthyosis means fish scales). I thought it would be a better way for them to understand until they are older.

Thank you for reading part of my story! I love that I can come to this page and have so many people I can relate to!

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