Relationships that last a lifetime...

If you’ve known me for awhile there is no way that I haven’t told you this story! And if I haven’t then you are going to want to read this! It’s worth sharing again because God is such a rockstar and the relationships that he started in 2017 will be ones for a lifetime.

If you don’t know me, I was born with a rare skin condition called lamellar ichthyosis. My brother and I both have the condition. This is a story all in itself… but not today. Today is about a story of God’s provision and proof that he reaches down to let us FEEL he presence all the time!

My husband and I were in the market for a new home in Warrensburg, MO. We were stationed there while he was in the Air Force. It’s a small city in the middle of nowhere. So, we went looking for houses and the last house that was NOT even on our list was our favorite! While looking around the house my husband noticed a picture of the family in the house and he swore to me it looked like one of the kids had my skin condition. I just assumed that he was mistaken or saw it wrong! I didn’t think much into it until we started looking more into the specifics of the house. They had a build in water softener and a humidity controller; all of which do wonders for my skin. Well, we put an offer on the house that day and they accepted.

Rewind to the house inspection… we went because we were also having our contractor come in as well. Well, one of the relators forgot to tell the family that we were coming so we walked IN ON THEM and they were just hanging out! We were so embarrassed but I saw a woman my age who I was immediately drawn to. She was the mom/wife of the house; her name is Jamie. Jamie and I started to talk and I was thanking her for the upgrades that they did to the house and how much they were going to help my skin condition. She asked what skin condition did I have. And as I’m telling her this sweet boy named Carter came running up to her and we both had tears in our eyes. He has my exact skin condition. In the SMALL city, we BOUGHT their house, a house that was not even on our list; and we met at a time they were not even supposed to be there!! I’ve met others with ichthyosis before at conferences that were set up for that purpose but never organically.

We became instant friends with their wonderful family! And Jamie is now my sister in Christ. She is someone that I can talk to about anything; someone that has and always will be there for me. She knows my heart and I know hers. Their family is just so amazing. Jamie and Brandon have two children that are affected by the condition: Carter and Ava; and two that are not affected. I got to meet Ava last week and it was just so special.

I’m BEYOND thankful for this family. I pray that Carter and Ava don’t have to go through what I did as a kid but I know that God put us together for a reason; to encourage each other; to be there for each other in good times and bad. If I can help them navigate through the hard times of living with something “different” then it will be worth everything that I had to go through. Every time I see them or talk to Jamie, I am reminded of what a freaking rockstar God is. He is a LIVING and LOVING God. He put our paths together. It wouldn’t have happened without Him. Which both my family and Jamie’s family are thankful for!

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