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On April 13th, I got to run the Ville to Ville Relay Race with some of my running friends. Ville to Ville is a 75 mile, relay race that goes from Asheville, North Carolina to Greenville, South Carolina. Picture yourself and 5 of your friends (plus a driver) all in a van as you take turns running up and down a ton of hills! Each of the runners runs twice and my two legs were 5.28 miles and 4.85 miles respectively. I didn't train as well as I normally would have for a race because I came down with shingles halfway in my training. Thankfully I caught it early and it cleared up much faster than expected. Anytime I run a race, I have to be mindful of the temperatures. Since I have ARCI-lamellar ichthyosis, I don't sweat so running in high heat can be dangerous for me. Thankfully, I've dealt with this my whole life so I'm pretty good at keeping cool. I made sure to pack my tank tops and shorts and I always run with plenty of water. More for splashing on my face and arms than for drinking! When I finished my legs my teammates were there to cheer me on and brought me water to dump over my head and cold, wet towels to help me cool down. I just love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing a race like this. Plus they're just fun! You really get to know your teammates and you get to put yourself to the test. Next up is a Half Marathon in June!

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