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When diving into the skincare/makeup artistry world I debated whether or not people would even hire me to represent their companies because of the history I had during my childhood of being made fun of for my skin looking the way it does. It lingers with you...your whole life. It doesnt ruin your life...but it never leaves the back of your thoughts. Always doubting your exterior out of the thought of being judged.  I have been an artist my entire life and my skills show it. I did an interview where I had to show off my skills to a company to prove myself of being worthy for hire. While awaiting word of whether or not I had gotten the job, the thought raced through my brain, I had never done makeup professionally and I didnt know what even half of the tools were for!!! I knew what I would use them for if I was going to go paint a typical canvas, but not a living breathing face. My skills were strong enough that not only was I hired by the company, but now I have a following, and many of which I have grown while working with the public for years now.  Being in the makeup industry you always hear and see of other artists that do their makeup perfectly and how beautiful they are. But you know what makes me different and unlike the rest, Im honest. I wear my struggle externally. People can literally see that I'm not perfect. They see the makeup I do and they still want me.  A HUGE way that I connect and have return customers is because of this reason. They know my skill. I talk to them about dermatology struggles. I explain im not a skin pro but I have literally been in and out of the derm office my entire life and not only having ichthyosis, my skin is crazy sensitive. I break out, I wrinkle, I've gotten tattoos, piercings, I'm dry and oily...and then we all scream HOORAY for all the qualities our skin have been graced with. Whatever you want to be, you can, no matter what your exterior may look like.

How has FIRST impacted your life?

I haven't been active very long. I'm hoping to be more active. I've enjoyed getting a few of the brochures. I received some of the cards in the mail and I love giving those out to clients who are just curious about my skin type. Some random people tell me that they know someone with what I have and I give them a card. I've just started following y'all from my two Instagram accounts and I'm so happy I found this link. I hope I can help. I'm 32 and I educate daily.

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