Release the Butterfly Tour Stops

Hunter Steinitz, affected with harlequin ichthyosis, and her father Mark hosted the Release the Butterfly Tour group at the Riverview Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, during May, in celebration of Ichthyosis Awareness Month.

During October, Julia and Brian Stern, parents of Bella, who is affected with ARCI-CIE, hosted the tour at the Grandview United Methodist Church in their hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Bella performed with the group, which gave her the chance to share her talent with her community. This wonderful group of talented musicians always create an uplifting and memorable evening for the audiences. 

In April, Betty Ann and Carlie Foulks organized their second Release the Butterfly in Greenville, Tennessee.  The tour traveled to share their talents, along with Carlie's friends who joined in the fun and performed as well.

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