It’s so hard to believe but our little Warrior, Wyatt Michael, is turning 1!

I created this slideshow as a remembrance for us of what his journey has entailed this past year and also to give you all a raw look at what Wyatt’s initial days were like.

This past year has been quite the journey.

Thinking about Wyatt being rushed to the NICU moments after being born, being told he had a deadly disease, when the doctor was only guessing what his condition was, still fills us with pain and anxiety. Thinking about the care Wyatt received in the NICU for 22 days fills my eyes with tears of joy and my heart with comfort.

Attending the FIRST conference in Rhode Island when Wyatt was 3 months old was a turning point for us and life changing. It didn’t take long for me to realize we had found “our people”. We were in a place where we didn’t have to explain why Wyatt’s skin looks the way it does or answer questions about if Wyatt’s condition would improve with age. We were surrounded by people and families and doctors who understood what ichthyosis is and understood the path we had been traveling on. Friends who had truly walked in our shoes. I cannot wait to see our FIRST community again!

Wyatt has taught us so much this past year. He is our little warrior. Holding him, I love the feeling of his scratchy skin against mine and the smell of his head, a combination of Aquaphor and dead scaly skin.

The first thing I see, when I see my boy, is his big beautiful blue eyes. They melt your heart. Wyatt’s eyes truly are a window to his soul, a window to God’s love and God’s beautiful creation.

And I often wonder how our world would be different, if we all just forgot about what we saw on the outside and looked each other in the eye.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us and kept us in your hearts and minds this past year! We are eternally grateful.

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