General Procedures/Information


Grassroots event organizers must complete a Grassroots Authorization Form and submit it to the national office prior to the event.

Grassroots event organizers who are including alcohol in their Grassroots Event must sign and return Policy for Alcohol Use at Grassroots Events and submit it to the national office prior to the event.

  • FIRST can not cash a check written to FIRST and return cash to you.
  • FIRST can not reimburse you for out-of-pocket expenses without a receipt.
  • FIRST is not responsible for contracts you signed and/or negotiated.

Determine what, if any, materials you will need from FIRST.  Available materials are:

Pictures, pictures and more pictures!  We want to publish your event in our quarterly Ichthyosis Focus newsletter and on our website.  Send your pictures along with a paragraph or two telling us about your event.  Please try to include group photos with the event leadership.  Make sure that you are in a few photos also.  Identify the people in the photos by name.  Remember to include your event name, date, and the location of your event.  Send or email your information and photos to Denise Gass, FIRST, PO Box 1067, Lansdale, PA 19446-0687 or email to


Give thanks and recognition to those who made your event possible. Send out a note, or an email, to your volunteers and sponsors letting them know how successful the event was.  Contact any newspaper columnists or radio disc jockeys who promoted your event to thank them and let them know it was a success.  Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper thanking the people who helped.

Mail all cash, checks, etc., along with the completed donation forms to the national office at PO Box 1067, Lansdale, PA 19446-0687. All donations will be entered into our database which will generate an acknowledgement letter thanking your donor(s) for their donation.  This letter will serve as their receipt for income tax purposes.

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