We often receive questions from our FIRST community, regarding the potential benefits and cost of Micro Nanobubble Bathing Technology. Many FIRST members have tried it with positive results regarding skin removal, Biofilm remediation and overall skin comfort. Recently, we sat down with The White Water Company owner, Paul Stark and his adorable daughter Clarity, to discuss their newest Portable Nanobubble Hydrotherapy® Device for ichthyosis. It's now for the first time ever Made in the USA! This newly designed Nanobubbler for ichthyosis has quick connect detachable hoses for easier cleaning. The hardshell case with wheels makes it so easy to transport, especially when traveling.

“Hi, I’m Clarity and my daddy made the nanobubbler. It feels sooooo good on my skin! He made it for kids or adults like me or people that have psoriasis, eczema, lamellar, PPK  and many more!

Sometimes, before I get in the bath my body feels like the tin man in the Wizard of Oz, but when I get out of the bath, I get a lot of relief for my arms and my legs. I can do the same things as my friends and can enjoy my days.

My skin condition makes it hard to have soft skin but the portable nanobubbler makes my skin feel like a silky blanket wrapped around me saying “you’re gonna be okay”

My bath is very amazing when I’m doing my nanobubble hydrotherapy. It makes me feel very relaxed and it helps me stay very moisturized!

Whenever I go out of the house most of the little kids or sometimes adults ask “Why is your skin red?” Or “why is there flaky skin on you?” I simply say I have a skin condition called harlequin ichthyosis. It's hard for me to explain it to them, so my parents help. As an ichthyosis warrior I believe all kids should stand up for themselves!

With ichthyosis, the problem may be visualized as a traffic jam of cells on the skin's surface.  This may result from one or both of two problems. Either the body manufactures the stratum corneum too rapidly (up to 300% of normal), or the stratum corneum fails to shed properly from the surface of the skin. Because the skin is constantly renewing itself, either of these two interruptions in the balance between the making of the skin and its shedding results in the symptoms of ichthyosis: thickened or thin, scaly skin.

As you know, bathing is very important to the skin shedding process, as it not only cleanses the skin of dirt, biofilm and debris, it completes the natural process of shedding, or sweeping away the  spent and finished epidermal cells. Bathing frequently can make a world of difference in caring for your, or your child’s skin condition.

To date, scientific data is incomplete to definitively say that Micro Nanobubble Hydrotherapy is specifically beneficial for those affected with ichthyosis. However, Paul and Heather worked with their dermatologist (100 hours) to demonstrate that Micro Nanobubble Hydrotherapy was beneficial in clearing Staph and MRSA and shedding epidermal skin cells. White Water Company has many reviews and research references on their website which may help you with a decision.

The cost of purchasing a Portable Nanobubble Device for ichthyosis can be expensive.  So, we suggest that you:

  • Reach out to your insurance provider about durable medical equipment coverage.
  • Look into lease or lease purchase (3 month minimum) through The White Water Company 25% off for FIRST members during July 2023.
  • Utilize Advance Care Card to help with financing. Advance Care has been a leading provider of patient financing solutions since 2008, working diligently to provide patients the most affordable options to finance their treatment options. They provide affordable monthly payments with flexible terms. Please read the terms carefully. FIRST is not connected with ACC in any way.
  • Create a personal fundraiser (GoFundMe, lemonade stand, etc.) to raise money for the technology.

For product questions, please contact The White Water Company directly at 1-877-944-8355. If you would like to connect with someone who has had a successful experience, please contact Christine Wassel, Community Engagement Director, by phone at 215-997-9400 ext2 or email at cwassel@firstskinfoundation.org


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