Congratulations to 2016 UFIRST Scholars!

FIRST is proud to announce this year’s 19 scholarship recipients from the UFIRST Scholars Program.  Congratulations to everyone and we wish you the best of luck as you continue your education.

Haddasah Abraham
lamellar ichthyosis
Trinity Western University
Goals and aspirations:  "I am pursuing a career in the life sciences, particularly in the medical field whether that is through research, lab work, or medical school. I have also developed an interest in oncology and I hope to work in that field helping people struggling with cancers or other diseases.


Atique Ahmed
lamellar ichthyosis
Government Gordon College Rawalpindi
Goals and aspirations:  “To help mankind for the treatment of incurable diseases.”


Ryan Balog
LaRoche College
Goals and aspirations:  "I want to graduate from LaRoche College with a degree in Math Education and become a middle level Math Teacher and influence student's lives."


Cheyenne Colman-Lyons
ichthyosis vulgaris
California State University
Goals and aspirations:
  "I would like to travel around the world to learn about different cultures, learn to speak Spanish fluently, obtain my real estate license so that I can flip properties and lastly, continue my quest in learning how to play the piano and read sheet music."


Maria Gad
lamellar ichthyosis
Ohio State University
Goals and aspirations:  "To make a difference in the world of those around me."


David Horton
lamellar ichthyosis
British Columbia Institute of Technology
Goals and aspirations:  "To become a professional Land Surveyor for the province of British Columbia and raise a family."


Christian Kalwa
X-linked ichthyosis
North Carolina State University
Goals and aspirations:  "My goal is to receive my DVM license and to become a board certified surgeon."


Alicia Kouba
Bowling Green/Olivet  Nazarene/ASU
Goals and aspirations:  "After graduating, I'm going to grad school. Eventually I plan to work for a professional sports team to work with their health to improve their performance."


Brandon Laird-Fletcher
Congenital Ichthyosis
Glendale Community College
Goals and aspirations:  "To receive a Bachelor's in Criminology Justice and Pshychology. Then I would like to become a Homicide Detective or a Behavioral Analyst.  I want to get these degrees so that can help citizens in the US and protect society."


Gina Messer
lamellar ichthyosis
Humboldt State University
Goals and aspirations:  "To become an insightful, empathetic therapist who guides their clients towards lives that are healthier for them. In general I want to live a fulfilling life full of love and adventure."


Austin Milam
lamellar ichthyosis
University of Colorado Springs
Goals and aspirations:  "I would like to someday own my own greenhouse, and enjoy life and be happy."


Kayla Murray
Stanly Community College
Goals and aspirations:  "I plan to obtain my Associate of Arts degree from Stanly Community College, and then transfer to a four year university. I plan to obtain a Master's Degree in Psychology."


Muhammad Nasir
lamellar ichthyosis
UMASS Boston
Goals and aspirations:  "My goal is to pursue a degree in Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering to one day work for NASA and become an astronaut."


Casey Nordgaard
lamellar ichthyosis
Minnesota State University
Goals and aspirations:  "To attend MSU, Moorhead and earn a degree in Business Administration and Marketing."


Kyle Pappas-Adamson
Metropolitan State University
Goals and aspirations: 
"My goal is to become an athletic trainer for a professional sports team and help the athletes improve themselves in their athletic abilities."


Alexis Rodrigues
Netherton syndrome
Midlands Technical College
Goals and aspirations:  "My long term goal is to pursue an undergraduate degree in Biology. I aspire to become a dermatologist."


Hannah Suda
lamellar ichthyosis
Bemidji State University
Goals and aspirations: 
"My goals are to graduate in May of 2018 with my BSN degree along with a minor in psychology."


Michael Wetterlund
Netherton syndrome
Metropolitan Community College
Goals and aspirations: 
"I want to be a master electrician!"

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