After the long separation due to the pandemic, FIRST members were very happy when they were once again able to connect in person.

A group of parents, children, young adults and adults gathered the second weekend in November in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for the opportunity to once again connect and learn.

A highlight of the day was a wonderful presentation from Dr. Leonard Milstone that explained the advances in ichthyosis research over the past several decades, woven together with the growth of FIRST during that same time. FIRST CEO, Chris Boynton led a discussion of the clinical trial process and how FIRST and our members can be pivotal in the advancement of therapeutics for ichthyosis.

A new mom received one-on-one connections from several veteran parents and affected adults.  She was also able to receive expert advice on the care of her daughter from Dr. Milstone.

At the end of the day, participants left feeling gratified at seeing each other and excited to connect again at the National Conference in Providence in June 2022.

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