Date: 05/26/2021

Hello, my name is Vanessa Torres, from Tijuana, México. This is the first time that I wanted to share myself to the fullest, with more than just my reflection. I have Erythrokeratodermia variabilis EKV since I was a baby. My whole body is made of the strongest skin, but at the same time, the more fragile one. Sometimes it's really hard, my doctor said that "the pain is always there", and I can't disagree. Sometimes I feel like I'm on fire, sometimes I feel like I'm going to crumble. It's like Reagan Myers said once: Sometimes it's really hard to take care of a body that refuses to take care of me back... And yes, the pain is always there, but also the goodness of it all. We are proud of Vanessa! "The love, the appreciation of my family and friends, the feeling that I'm special, a superhero with a superpower that most don't understand but others think is cool and unique. It took me years to realize that I can't fight ignorance and hate without my armor. So, I'm working on loving it, embracing it. This is my first step. Happy Ichthyosis Awareness Month! Never forget the goodness. " #IAM21

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