Date: 12/08/2020


Scalp Care Resource Sheet & Member Tips

We posted a question about Scalp Care Tips in FIRST's private Facebook groups for Adults and for Women. Here are those tips.

Christina R.

My scalp will dry if I don’t apply glycerin on my scalp soon after bath.

Agata M.

Apply vegetable glycerin on wet skin. It’s amazing

Becky S.

I find coconut oil helps an awful lot and soaking my scalp while in the bath for half an hour and gently massaging it in. It helps loosen the scales a lot.

Eileen R.

I have large flakes that come off my scalp. Do you wash the oil out of your hair after a certain amount of time?

Becky S.

I do it the following morning! I put cling film on my scalp with the oil over night

Lisa K.

I use coconut oil and Eucerin and a fine tooth comb.  I use Eucerin on my body and face. Didn’t know I could use it on my scalp.

Eileen R.

Yeah, let it soften up your scales and then use your comb.

Glori C.

I really like Scalpicin for trouble spots that won't stop scaling or peeling. It seems to clear them up quite nicely!

Valerie F.

My hair was always thin, but now it is leaving! Any suggestions of what might preserve what is left, the scaling has worsened. The itching is also worse. I also just don’t have the time to give to comb out the scales like I did when I was younger. But now when I do use a small comb and work on my scalp the hair that comes out with the skin is not growing back.

Samiha C.

My sister has vulgaris. She uses fenugreek paste before a shower. You can put your favorite lotion or olive/coconut oil on scalp. Leave it on over-night. Shampoo it out in the morning. While hair is soaked with shampoo, gently comb the hair and then wash with water.

Eve L.

Use argan or jojoba oil hours prior to your shower. Use a Hamman glove on bare skin, and scalp brush in your hair. Use TSal shampoo- leave lather on for 5-10 minutes. Dermal Lotion after you dry and apply often. Don't need to wash hair every day!! Also use humidifier especially at night! Try oral collagen. Helps skin, hair, ails etc. I take marine collagen tabs.

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