Date: 10/11/2021

Q: Anyone have tips for when getting a cast?


  • We struggled with the crutches rubbing under their arms so we barely used them.
  • My child was in a cast for 14 weeks. We made sure the area that was going to be casted was good and moisturized before they casted it and after about the 1st week the itch seemed to go away and not bother him! They did give him a medication to help control the itching he was having. And when the cast was finally off his arm was so, so, so soft and like normal skin.
  • Get a can of compressed air and spray it in the cast/splint where the itch is. Or vacuum hose to move air thru.
  • We had a cast change weekly to allow me to clean the limb and lotion it in office before putting on new cast
  • Suggest a removable cast.
  • Get a cast cooler which wraps around and you attach the vacuum and it draws cool air through the cast.
  • We had cast changes every 1-2 weeks for all of them, it just depended on swelling, how it was healing, and how loose the cast got from muscle loss.
  • We got a waterproof cast for showers. Added a little glycerin in water. but when they removed the cast skin underneath was the most beautiful one! 
  • I Iiked putting it in front of the air conditioner in the car.
  • We used a jointed brace instead of a cast. We were able to take it off just long enough to shower carefully and lotion then put it back on. 
  • What about 3d printed cast? has numerous holes all over it allowing it to breathe. You can probably even bathe with it if there is no padding to it.
  • Just be prepared that it'll itch like crazy, but don't allow him to put anything down in there to scratch it.
  • The odor may bet very bad. 
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