Date: 11/08/2021

Q: Hey everyone. Sorry for the long post. I’m in need of some advice. So, I have EI as well as my second born. There might not be much I can do in this situation, but I figured I might as well ask since I’m sure almost everyone in this group has dealt with this issue. My daughter that is affected with EI HATES being lotioned up. We use a combination of things and since Louisiana weather went from the 90s to 60s in a day, it’s definitely affected her skin. She’s been super dry so I’ve been using straight A&D ointment all over her body because it’s not as thick as Aquaphor. We also use Aveeno Oatmeal bath mixed with Eucerin body wash to bathe. When her skin is not so dry we use baby Aveeno mixed with glycerin. I’m keeping up good with her skin and it looks great even though it’s super dry out.


  • So, my question is, when do they stop screaming with every lotion up? I put lotion on her every diaper change and at 10 months in she still cries every time. I rub the lotion on my hands first before putting it on so it isn’t cold. Like I previously said I don’t think there’s much I can do but if anyone else has found any solutions or anything that will help calm her while I’m changing her I would be so thankful. It hurts my heart hearing her scream and I know our neighbors hear her poor little scream as well. Her daddy has to leave the room when I change her because she sounds like she is being hurt when she isn’t. Even her big sister(my 2 y/o) will try and comfort her. I’m just at a loss and I want my baby to be/feel okay and safe while I do this. I just feel so bad but I have to do it. It’s the same way when I clean her ears or try to comb the skin from her hair. Please any advice is welcome. I want to make it as easy and comfortable for her as possible. I remember as a child my mom treating my skin so much it I hated it and I just don’t want her to feel the same way I did as a child.
  • When my son was little, we would sing silly songs. When he was a little bigger, we would play kids music. Once he hit about 18 months we started watching something on the iPad to keep him still and distracted
  • We ended up getting a lotion warmer on Amazon. It helped my little guy so much. Sending hugs ?
  • I often give mine a lollipop. Saf-T-Pops have a soft loop instead of a stick. Play music. Good luck.
  • I usually just let my son play on a waterproof mat on the floor while I lotion him. Sometimes he tries to crawl away I just pick him back up and give him his favorite toys so he's distracted. Singing and music helps. He has this big puppy dog that sings that he loves. He still sometimes cries but it's gotten better, he's 17 months. We have some benches we use for physical therapy too so sometimes he stands to hold himself and leans against that to play with toys and I'll lotion him. I lotion 2x a day full body and I usually wrap his feet/legs if they are super dry at night with gauze.
  • My son wasn't that young when I was lotioning up but I used a trick my Mum did with me. I made up a song that is about lotioning up the body parts (the last line was "don't forget the thumby-thumb-thumb). The song helps to distract, let's the kiddo know what to expect, and a sense of when it will all be over. The song I made up was to Let it Go and it goes something like, "Rub it in, rub it in, we don't want itchy skin...." My singing is pretty bad so it made my son giggle.
  • Singing songs, iPad when older, my 3 year old plays at her Barbie house or runs away laughing until I “catch” her and am to lotion one body part before she runs again! I even save chocolate kisses for lotion time. Sometimes she still cries but I don’t blame these kids. I’m sure it hurts sometimes or sometimes they don’t want to be bothered!!! ??
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