Date: 11/04/2021

Q: My son (7, HI) has always been home schooled. He has 4 older siblings...some homeschool, some go to public. He is expressing interest in going to school next year for 3rd grade, and we're supportive of the idea. Have any of your kids done part-day elementary school so that you have more time for the skin care routine? We are in a very busy phase of life with 4 active older I'm trying to figure out how we would meet everyone's needs. He still sleeps 11-12 hours per night, so waking him up early or keeping him up late just isn't a viable option on a regular basis.  In my dream world, he would either go to school late (say, at 10:00), or come home early (maybe at 2:00) at least 3 days per week. I know this is an option for the older grades in our district because one of my daughters did a "hybrid" version of high school. But I'm interested in hearing your experiences with this for elementary school. Thanks!


  • Our son is 4, doing virtual pre-K, but his IEP has it flexible where he can do full virtual or split days, hours chosen by us. We have not utilized this option yet, but will in the future.
  • Hi there. I realise I am speaking from an Irish education system background. Her exhaustion is our major (manageable) challenge. We spoke to school 18 months before admission. In that time they had agreed to put measures in place that would encourage as much inclusion as possible in mainstream school. I have to say their motivation to accommodate her was everything to us! So, in summary they applied for funding for a bed, SNA support, air conditioning portable unit, softpour playground, covered outdoor eating area for sun (in case it ever arrives LOL!) Etc. This bed has a wipeable mattress and pillow. We supply all linen and towels weekly (stocklist sheet emailed over and back weekly for supplies needed) and she goes to sleep at school for 2 hrs daily. She baths early in morning, goes to school and into bed. When wakened, she is fully creamed in time for lunch. She sleeps through small break time. This is fully flexible and depends on planned fun activities etc. The staff now guides us. When she started, funding for a bed wasn’t there so she slept happily on a mattress on the floor, which we supplied. Her OT reports and Derm letters were hugely helpful as they stated clearly every thing she needed so as to be included in mainstream education. It takes time, energy and it is a learning experience. Totally worth it once it's up and running. To make SNAs happy with PEG feeding and wound management we went to the school at the creaming time every day for 2 weeks and gradually eased out when they were happy. She is in bed after 6pm daily to be up early. It totally interferes with extra curricular activities but she loves attending school so never moans. PM if u need anything, realise I have waffled!!! Exciting times
  • Our son is 16 now and has always went to school. We are also very busy and have 3 sons in sports. Plus my husband coaches baseball and basketball. Evenings are always busy. I usually have dinner ready at 430/445 and everyone just eats when they can. Which sometimes we eat all together. We just make sure he has always gone to bed at a good time. It’s worked for us. He has a 504 plan and can take breaks during day if he needs them. He’s always flourished and his teachers have always loved him.
  • I had a few kids do this when I taught elementary. It was always set up so they started at the regular time as the other kids and left early simply because heavier academics are done early in the day because the younger kids get tired out. Also easier for kiddo to fit in/be in the loop.
  • I work in education, and I’ve had kids leave early or come late due to other support services outside of school. I’m certain you could customize a schedule with the school that fits for your family. Good luck!
  • Our daughter is just in preschool but her IEP has a delayed start at 10am. She sleeps a lot too so she goes to bed at 7 every night and gets up early for her bath.
  • Wow. I’ve never thought of this and am amazed to hear that it can work! Hanna is a night owl, but I’ve learned with her that she NEEDS 12 hours, I figured because of her rapid cell turnover. Now I don’t feel so crazy. She always complains about being tired and I can tell she’s exhausted, but I never thought of working something into her 504 with rest times, etc. Thanks for the ideas.
  • I would approach the school and propose the idea. It’s possible that they could work so that a shortened instructional day was part of his individualized learning program.
  • Wow I’ve never considered this but good thinking! I’d opt for coming home earlier, because they generally don’t do much at the end of the day as compared to the morning. You wouldn’t want him to miss core classes at the time when his mental energy is strongest in the morning! Having volunteered in classrooms in the afternoon, the last 30-45 is just wrapping up the day.
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