Date: 03/04/2021

Our members love to share their tips online. As always, discuss with your doctor before proceeding.

Q: Itchy ears and ears full of skin. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance??.


  • I take my son to the ENT every 6 months or so to have his ears “vacuumed”. It really helps with the itch and his hearing. It only takes a few seconds and it doesn’t hurt.
  • You put a few drops of olive oil in your ears. It helped my daughter, and my mother in law.
  • There are Debrox ear drops that I use (can be found at any local drug store-CVS, Rite Aid, Duane Reade), helps loosen out the skin mixed with ear wax. I use a special ear canal so I don’t touch the ear drum (looks like a small funnel). Have someone else use tweezers to take it out.
  • Get wax softening drops from the pharmacy. It may take a week or two to clear. Then use olive oil drops. Use as a maintenance once a month for 2 or 3 days.
  • Triam/Glacial Acet/Menthol 0.1% ointment works great for itchy ears & light to moderate skin build up.
  • I find getting them suctioned helps.
  • Tweezers are, and always have been, my holy grail.
  • Warm olive oil help break down and soften. Then use Q--tips and tweezers!

Q: Is there an association with nosebleeds and ichthyosis?

A: Answered by one of FIRST’s Medical & Scientific Advisory Board members. I know of no association with any of the common forms of ichthyosis.  However, people on oral retinoids get nosebleeds more often than when they are not on retinoids.

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