Date: 06/24/2021

Q: My son, (8 months with LI) is having a hard time with his diaper area. Is it common for them to shed skin there more often? Seems like every other month he will get extra red and looks like a diaper rash but I don’t think it is, thinking the redness is just his skin. I’m just curious if this is common? It’s mostly in his leg creases and bottom. He does itch it when free from the diaper. Hydrocortisone helps and a butt paste for diaper rash seems to dry him out. Wondering if anyone else experiences this or has other remedies? Thanks.


  • I am also having this issue with my daughter!! She’s 6 months with LI.
  • These areas will probably shed more frequently and be more irritated because there is constant rubbing. Hydrocortisone may help, but because it is a steroid, prolonged use will cause the skin to be thinner. My son prefers coconut oil; it helps with the itching, and is antibacterial. Butt paste should also help keep the raw places protected.
  • I am not sure what kind of wipes you are using. I made my wipes from half sheets of Viva paper towels and water or baby oil. Poor baby.
  • My daughter has EI and this happened to her as well. I used home-made wipes with mineral oil and just used Aquaphor to protect the area once it happened. Thankfully, she heals fast so within 24 hours she had a good barrier again.
  • Dealing with this now. We've been using hydrocortisone cream lightly after bath, butt paste for diaper rash followed by Aquaphor.
  • My kids had yeast infections in their diaper area. Nystatin made it improve immediately. Have you tried Triple Paste? Our dermatologist recommended it for Aurora (harlequin) and we stopped having issues with her diaper area entirely. Also water wipes.
  • We have in the past. I could try again if it doesn’t clear up with the butt paste. Thank you!!
  • Yeah it's been like a miracle cure for my daughter. Her diaper area used to get raw and bloody but never again after using Triple Paste. It kind of looks like it doesn't work because it doesn't stick like butt paste does, but it's just the way it is.I found we had so much redness and soreness until about 14 months and then since then almost nothing. Hoping that it keeps improving! In the meantime our pharmacist suggested that we keep rotating the creams so her skin didn’t become “resistant” to one type!
  • Yes!!! I was thinking that same thought. Just so hard to “experiment” since then you don’t know what works and doesn’t. It’s getting better, slowly!

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