Date: 07/26/2021

Q: What sunscreen do you use or recommend? I usually use Neutrogena because I’ve found it doesn’t give me a burning/stinging sensation when I first spray it on, but that just got recalled. I’m about to go on a trip and I can’t bring spray sunscreens into the museums anyway. So, I figured I’d see if anyone had a recommendation they could share with me. Thank you so much!


  • Supergoop, hands down. Body butter or the spray would be best for large areas.
  • Whenever I use sunscreen the zinc totally dries my skin out worse. ??
  • Same! Told my derm and she said use the chemical-based sunscreen as the risk is less than burn/skin cancer risk.
  • I use any that are made for babies, they seem to be gentle.
  • Vanicream sunscreen.
  • Sunbum. And it smells nice!
  • Oh, you have to try Supergoop Unseen sunscreen! Totally different, especially the unseen sunscreen.
  • I wish I could get a sample, it doesn't appear to be cheap
  • It feels like a serum it is so healing and moisturizing and you don’t have to very much of it. I also use COVER FX SPF 30 Booster Drops. They are like pure oil. Not too expensive at Ulta and they last forever! Also, check out the products by Dr. Jart. Buy them on eBay where they are almost half the price of anywhere else, especially the Tiger Grass Cream.
  • The Supergoop and be found for a more reasonable price on eBay!!!
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