Date: 12/07/2021

Q: Our son is 2 and half months. He has EI. We live in Georgia and it’s getting cold and dry. I was curious if humidifiers were a good thing? Overall, he’s doing very well. But just wanted some advice from some seasoned veterans. Thank you all!


  • Following since were experimenting with humidifiers!
  • We’re in Canada and completely understand cold and dry. It definitely helps our guy (4 tomorrow with LI) but of course in winter we also use his nano tub. If you have the means, one of those types of tubs or systems is very hydrating. And add glycerin when comfortable with age/routine.
  • Experienced parent and Canada here as well. Humidity helps a lot. Soaking baths at least once a day and slather with lotion immediately after.
  • Humidifiers are a good thing for our skin, yes! Just be sure you use the correct water and clean it often ??
  • We have been using it in winter-time for our son last year and this year. We think it definitely helps.
  • Yes, humidifiers are good. I kept my son in footed pjs during cooler months. Less elastic and a better way to keep ointment on his skin.
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