Date: 10/01/2021

Shoutout to all my fellow folks living with disabilities and invisible illnesses who can “pass” as “normal” ?? Living in that space where the better you look/feel and the harder you work to care for yourself, the less your struggle is believed — The more you’re dismissed by doctors, insurance companies, strangers and acquaintances… It’s so tough. I live in that space, too. I’m not cured. Even my really, really good days are still challenging. Still hard work.

Yes, of course being able to “pass”, even only part of the time, is a privilege and a blessing. That is true. It is also true that having an invisible, or partially visible illness/disability brings with it a whole separate type of challenge ON TOP OF the challenges you’re already living with.

If you know, you know. ??‍?? And I just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone. You’re never alone ??????

#ImageDescription - a self portrait of a white woman named Rochelle wearing a long pastel purple wig and a black v-neck top. She is smiling and looking beyond the camera, a woodland background is blurred behind her. Her skin is clear and luminous. You can’t tell she was born with a disabling skin disorder. You can’t see her mental illness.

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