Date: 06/10/2021

You are invited to send in a photo for our upcoming children’s book on ichthyosis! This book has been written by Andrea Rustad, a medical student at Northwestern, and Dr. Amy Paller, with input from the board and members of the Foundation for Ichthyosis and Related Skin Types.  

It is intended to serve a dual purpose of representation and education. It will provide representation for children with ichthyosis so they see characters in media they can identify with. It will also educate peers and the public about ichthyosis in a child-friendly way, with a goal of reducing bullying and social challenges stemming from a lack of common knowledge about ichthyosis. 

We are looking for photos of children of all ages with ichthyosis or related skin disorders as a way to show readers with ichthyosis that they are not alone, and as a fun way for children to see themselves in a book! If you are an adult with ichthyosis, we would also love to see photos from your childhood if you would like to participate. Please only send photos where the child with ichthyosis is the only person in the photo (if parents/guardians are in the photo and consent to the sharing of the photo with their image, that is acceptable, but solo photos are strongly preferred).

Please read and sign the attached info consent form, and send it to by June 21st, along with any photos you would like to submit.

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