Date: 04/05/2022

Dr. Zena Willsmore (Dermatologist) @drzenawillsmore and Dr. Martha Deiros Collado @dr.martha.psychologist  hosted this informative session about how you can discuss with your children that their value is not related to their physical appearance.

?Should we praise girls for looking pretty?
?How do we talk to children about their appearance?
? What do we say when a child comments on another’s appearance?
?How do we help children to cope with visible differences, such as birthmarks, eczema or vitiligo?

Our relationship with our physical appearance is hugely complex. It’s clear that from a young age we can start to have engrained ideas of beauty and what our physical appearance ‘should’ look like. We place immense value on our appearance and this can have a knock on effect for our sense of self worth and mental health.

Dr Martha is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience with expertise n child development, paediatric health and parenting. You can follow her on Instagram here: @dr.martha.psychologist . Her Instagram page is a treasure trove of information for parents and personally I find her posts hugely insightful. From covering big topics such as how to talk to children about death or gender, as well as day to day challenges like how to deal with tantrums or difficult bedtime routines.

This session was live but now can be listened to here: //


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