Date: 07/14/2023

With ichthyosis, the abnormal stratum corneum results in an impaired permeability barrier with increased water loss from the skin surface. As water evaporates, it carries along with it energy loss as heat of evaporation.   The demands of a hypermetabolic epidermis may add to this caloric deficiency.  The provision of sufficient calories in the diet to support growth as well as extra fluid to replace skin losses can be difficult. If your child is school aged, make sure to include "extra snacks" in the IEP.

Members in our Facebook groups groups made these suggestions of high calorie snacks. Please be mindful of any food allergies.

Add or blend cottage cheese to fruit or a smoothie

Add protein powder flavors that mix with yogurts, shakes, ice cream, cookies, cakes, pancakes and cheesecakes.

Aloha protein bars


Cheese sticks/slices/cubes


Chia, hemp hearts, peanut or nut butters with apples

Cinnamon raisin bread with cream

Cold cuts and bacon

Dollop of butter on toast, curries, flatbreads, anything.

Extra butter & nut butters

Full Fat Greek yogurt.

Guacamole and boiled eggs


Meats and cheeses



Milkshakes made with frozen yogurt, or ice cream and fruit.

Power Crunch bars for kids or make your own protein bars (Robert Irvine protein bars)

Premier Protein shake 

Pumpkin seeds

Smoothie recipe-Coconut water (something without extra sugar), Spinach/Kale - small handful, fruit, 1 scoop (per person) Vanilla protein powder, and a scoop of yogurt or avocado and frozen riced cauliflower instead of rice

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Yogurt or Full fat milk

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