Date: 03/09/2022

This morning on the way to school my sweet little Anna said to me “mom Jamsie (her brother) and all of the other kids don’t have to take a bath in the morning or even a shower and it’s not fair” she then told me how she didn’t like to be late every day ??  She is right it’s not fair and I explained how everyone has something different and hers is her skin but I decided to get her to school at the same time as everyone else tomorrow. We will take a short bath tonight and a short bath tomorrow and see how it works. I shouldn’t allow her difference to hold her back and I won’t.

Before you have children you don’t realize the determination you’re capable of having or the love that’s seemingly endless inside of you and every time you search you can find more to give. Laying in the hospital bed staring at her right after birth I kept thinking about the day she realized she was different. I don’t know why it just kept coming in my mind what I didn’t factor into those thoughts was the love she would be surrounded by every second. If I had only known then what I know now about myself and her and all of you I would have just whispered you’ll be ok. #inspiration #determination #love #visibledifference #lovecanmovemountains

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