Date: 03/28/2022

From Friday, March 25 - March 27th, FIRST's CEO, Christopher Boynton attended the Annual AAD Meeting in Boston Massachusetts.  Christopher also hosted the annual Medical and Scientific Advisory Board (MSAB) meeting there on Saturday., where he discussed the National Conference (June, Providence, RI), Tele-Ichthyosis and Gabi Richard discussed the revised Research Committee. Dr. Keith Choate provided an update on the Ichthyosis Registry for Ichthyosis & Related Skin Types too.

The MSAB Roles were reviewed:
  1. Ongoing literature reviews for membership on quarterly basis; thanks to those who have helped thus far

  2. Engagement with research committee activities 

  3. Providing help/advice/collaboration with members and families regarding general or specific care issues

Research Updates were discussed

Membership Update

Ichthyosis Registry; Keith Choate

Interesting ichthyosis Case Studies(s) were presented

Coalition of Skin Diseases Christopher manned the booth at the convention hall and answered questions for those who stopped by. 

 Sponsors Christopher stopped to say hello to FIRST's current and past sponsors too. It will be a great product sample bag at FIRST's National Conference in Providence, Rhode Island this June!


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