Date: 04/07/2022

My name is Haley Heibel, and I am a doctor pursuing a career in dermatology.  I am currently completing a pediatric dermatology research fellowship at Northwestern University.  I have published a book entitled, Embrace Your Skin, Embrace Yourself, which is out for pre-order now.

The book was inspired by my personal experiences growing up with close friends and peers who had skin diseases, as my father was a dermatologist, and my experiences in dermatology.  I wrote the book to advocate for children with skin diseases, to promote inclusivity, to allow these children to see their skin diseases in a new light, and for others to better understand the life experiences of these patients.  In addition, I am a character in the book because these patients re-affirm my commitment to them, and I would like for the children to see that they can trust their doctor with all of their concerns.

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