Date: 08/06/2021

'Dr Pimple Popper': Tamyra slices her foot and uses sandpaper to get rid of 'reptilian' skin (FIRST does not condone these sensational titles)

'I can literally slice down my foot it won't bleed or anything I can't feel a thing,' explains Tamyra

By Sushma Karra

Published on : 17:13 PST, Jul 28, 2021

Dry, flaky skin can get extremely annoying and even painful. Thankfully, a heavy-duty moisturizer or body oil provides us some relief from this pesky skin issue, but 33-year-old Tamyra has had to resort to a knife and sandpaper to get rid of her dry, flaky skin,

In her introduction, Tamyra explained that she suffers from an extreme dry skin condition which makes her skin on arms and hands resemble 'fish scales' but feels like 'reptile skin'. Tamyra turned to Dr Sandra Lee aka 'Dr Pimple Popper' for help with getting some relief from the constant tension and pain caused by her skin condition called 'Ichthyosis Vulgaris'. If you're curious to know more about Tamyra's skin and how she is 'exhausted' by it, then read on.

What is Ichthyosis Vulgaris?

Ichthyosis Vulgaris can be described as dry skin with small scales in a color range from white to dirty gray or brown. It slows down the skin's natural shedding process. This causes chronic, excessive buildup of the protein in the upper layer of the skin (keratin). Dry, scaly skin is the most common symptom associated with the condition. There's no cure for inherited Ichthyosis Vulgaris. The treatment mainly focuses on reducing the scales and dryness of the skin.

Tamyra has flaky, dry skin all over her body. Her legs, ankles, feet, and toenails are really big due to the condition. In her introduction video, she reveals how her arms and hands resemble fish scales due to her condition but they feel like reptile skin. She also experiences a lot of pain due to the flaking and itching that occurs in her problem areas. "I am always flaking all over the house. My skin has been so dry that it literally has split on its own in the creases and am in pain and am limping. So am looking for anything that will relieve some of the tension," she shared.

Tamyra has her own skincare regime to help alleviate some of the discomfort caused due to her extensively dry skin. She revealed how she immediately applies petroleum jelly every day after her shower and lets it sit on her skin for a minute or two. She then follows it up with a layer of moisturizer. She also showed how she uses a knife and sandpaper to scrape off her feet' dry, dead skin. "I can literally slice down my foot it won't bleed or anything I can't feel a thing. because the layers of skin are so thick that its not affecting the soft healthy skin underneath. Sometimes it itches so bad that I take sandpaper and sand down the skin. It makes it easier to moisturize as the moisturizer penetrates better into the skin," she explained.

Her skin condition also left her with distorted fingerprints which can't be read. Tamyra got emotional while sharing how it can often get very 'exhausting' for her to take care of herself regularly. Hopefully, Dr Lee can help her with it.

You can watch a clip of Tamyra explaining her skin condition here

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