Date: 08/24/2022

Jennie shared this post on her HarlequinDiva Instagram account and it is so beautiful, we wanted to share it with all of you.

Going back in time can be hard, healing is very deliberate and takes effort. Every year around this time I struggle with PTSD that usually takes over. This year is different and I’m taking huge steps to heal. When my water broke I was 34wks pregnant and terrified. The hospital I planned to deliver at didn’t have a NICU so I had to go in the middle of the night to a completely new hospital with no familiar faces at all. I was terrified and then in walks this bubbly happy nurse who was instantly calming. Her sarcasm matched mine and I felt safe with her. When I was told about my need for a c-section, I told the night nurse how much I liked Valencia and asked if she would be in the next day, well that nurse happened to be in charge of scheduling and she put Valencia in the room for my surgery.

There is no greater gift I could have been given because this woman single handedly carried me through what would be the most difficult day of my life. My memories are somewhat blurred but I will never forget the way she made me feel in the hours after Anna's birth and how she cared for me while wiping her own tears away. Anna was born and taken to a bigger hospital and along with her I sent my mom, sister and husband because that’s all I had to give and as I sat there alone in my hospital room, there she was again, holding me In what seemed like a horrible nightmare.

We never lost touch after almost five years and we decided to meet for lunch today. I swear you would have thought we were best friends because the conversation never stopped. Connected by a simple moment in time but it feels like we’ve always known each other and I am so grateful she was given my room that day. I’m choosing to heal this year and when I look back on that day I’m choosing to focus on all of the love given to me and how even in the chaos everything still seemed to happen just as it was supposed to. 

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