Date: 09/04/2022

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by: Senior Journalist

About Christina Raj

Christina Raj, is a training consultant, Social Activist & Founder of CIRM India a support group for Ichthyosis in India. She was born with the rare genetic skin disorder Lamellar Ichthyosis, the oldest survivor in Asia and Africa. She has 25 yrs of experience in the corporate world and has trained more than 1 lakh people.

What are Christina Raj some greatest milestones in her life journey?

She was denied admission to is school, but She managed to complete her PG Diploma in Environmental Management from the University of Hyderabad and MA in English. Her Workplace was challenging because of her skin appearance, but She worked for 25 yrs in the corporate world She was a finalist of The International Glamour Project, Mrs. India 2021, came up to the top 15, and won the Title: Glamourous Social Activist. Endorsed for national products, was selected to be part of an OTT Web series by TIGP Selected to be part of a short film for screening at the New York Film Festival.

What is the learning from the challenges she has faced and how did she overcome them?

She was ostracized, harassed, abused, spat upon, and shunned by society. Her family was harassed to leave the neighborhood/ house. Water & Electricity was cut off to her flat in Summer, for days. We bore all humiliation in silence. No one came to our help. We were forced to pay money for everything. God helped us tide the storm and we had faith that patience helped us become strong.

She wants to spread awareness about Ichthyosis and that, we people with visible differences are humans with souls and feelings like everyone. We seek people to understand that all disabilities aren’t visible. We are in constant pain always and try to live life in dignity till we are alive.

She believes that Patience, Perseverance, and Persistence surely pay Never Ever Give up Be humble and respect every living being.

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