Date: 05/27/2021

An 80 year old affected member, happened upon this combination of lotions and she wanted to share it. As with any suggestion, please consult with your physician before trying something new.

Please, please try this simple formula because it works. It softens the scales and makes skin smooth. It will amaze you as it did me. It is easy as this. There is a product for African Americans called Sta/Sof/Fro and is sold at Walmart and Amazon. The next product is Gold Bond Diabetic Dry Skin Relief. After drying off when showering immediately rub body with Sta/Sof/Fro. Now apply the Gold Bond Diabetic Dry Skin Relief over your body. It dries quickly and doesn't stain. It may feel a little sticky but that is good. You should see results within next day or two. I got two small spray bottles at the dollar store and put each product in one to make it easier to apply.  I also keep a larger bottle with about half and half. Shake well and apply when needed. Between shower if your skin starts getting dry, just run wet wash cloth over the area and use it again. Believe me it actually melts my scales and for the first time my skin looked and felt normal. You can buy it off the store shelf. After 80 years of living with this I found this by accident and wanted to share it.

  • Which product of Sta/Sof/Fro? There are several options, it is a hair product. I already have Gold Bond Cream so I’m ready to give a try. Thanks for sharing!
  • Hair and Scalp spray.
  • I found only Diabetic Lotion and it worked, at least for me.
  • I am not diabetic. My husband is and I accidently used his lotion.
  • I have gold bond diabetic cream. I’m going to check local Walmart for sta/sod/fro spray. Thank you for the info.
  • I think you should use the lotion. Cream may not blend or may make it greasy.
  • I've been dealing with ichthyosis vulgaris for 76 years. The older I get, the worse it gets. I'm gonna try your recipe I'll let you know how it works for me.
  • Same here. We all have our own stories.
  • I'm going to try it too ?? I already regularly use the Diabetic Skin Cream by Gold Bond
  • I advise to use the diabetic lotion for proper blend
  • I may add that I have used it for years with all kinds of lotion. But the results I refer to happened with the diabetic lotion.
  • I will definitely try it out. What type do u have? I have LI.
  • I have never been diagnose it it is dry skin with thick whitish scales that shed. It runs in my father side of family. They just called it snake skin. That is how I began my search to actually know it had a name.
  • Have you ever been to a dermatologist? Is your skin scaly all over or just on your arms and legs?
  • Yes to dermatologist. I had to tell them what it was. No help that way. The rough skin and dry scales mostly on arms and legs but dry small flakes on other parts of the body. The mix I use now takes care of my problem. Probably could use some adjustment to individual skin especially since i am 86.??
  • It's pretty sad when you have to tell your dermatologist what kind of skin disease you have. I've had to explain my disease to GPs, OB/gyns, neurologists, and PAs, but I've never had to explain it to a dermatologist.
  • I've been using your recipe for about a week now, and I see some improvement. However, I also have to contend with precancerous actinic keratoses, which are also scaly. But, I can say that my skin feels softer, so I am continuing your regimen. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.??
  • Did it help the scales? The older I got the more horrid they became. To have decent looking skin after all those years was just a miracle to me.
  • Thanks for this tip! I'm gonna try it this weekend. I already use the lotion, so I'll get the spray later today. Thanks, fingers crossed it'll work on my skin.
  •  I just know it works for me and my 2 siblings. How wonderful if we could give relief to so many people with this condition. Especially since it is so simple and not expensive.
  • I have used Gold Bond Diabetic Dry Skin Relief for over 3 years, for the last year I mix with glycerin. I will have to try this also.
  • I have used 3 times now, I seem to like it. Wish I would have known about this and glycerin 40 + years ago.


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