Date: 07/15/2021

The International Glamour ProjectTM is an Indo-US alliance deeply committed to creating an inclusive ecosphere for women empowerment

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PUBLISHED ON JUL 14, 2021 03:47 PM IST

India, 14th July 2021: Christina Raj, the finalist of The International Glamour Project Mrs. India 2020-2021, and a woman of substance born with a rare skin condition known as ichthyosis set a new example in the pageant system. The International Glamour ProjectTM, an Indo-US alliance deeply committed to creating an inclusive ecosphere for women empowerment, has recognized her beauty.

Since its inception, the pageant system has focused on dismantling the outdated ideals of outward beauty and modernizing the very definition of pageantry by including women of all ages, walks of life, and kinds of beauty. Talking about the pageant's ethos of diversity, acceptance, and inner glamour—Dr. Akshata Prabhu, CEO of The International Glamour ProjectTM and Ms. International World India 2020, says, "While it is true that the idea of beauty has been historically one-note, I believe that narrow concepts can be overturned when questioned. That is what Christina Raj is doing—by pushing back against stereotypes and stigma that society attaches to those who look different. It is for this exact reason that the eligibility criteria to apply for The International Glamour Project are rooted in diversity instead of the punishingly one-dimensional ideals of physical appearance that equate a woman's worth to her age, looks, height, or weight."

While living with congenital disorders is a relatively common experience, myths and misconceptions continue to exist. When asked about the decision to participate in the pageant, Christina Raj said "The International Glamour ProjectTM is an empowering place for women and young girls where differences are celebrated. As someone born with a rare skin order with no cure, I struggled with being 'different.' I was ridiculed, avoided, and treated as an outcast. However, over time, I began to see myself for who I was, and I realized I could be a role model for those with ichthyosis, teach them to accept the truth about their beauty, and live their life fearlessly. I participated in The International Glamour ProjectTM as I wanted a progressive platform to educate people about skin conditions and share my story with those grappling to accept themselves because of disorders/medical conditions."

The raison d'etre behind the pageant is to rewrite the definition of beauty and expand its scope to highlight individuality and authenticity. "Our vision is to shift the perception of beauty and normalize the inclusion of women with unconventional/atypical appearance in mainstream pageant culture," adds Dr. Swaroop Puranik, Managing Director of The International Glamour ProjectTM.

The grand finale of The International Glamour ProjectTM is slated for August this year. In addition to equipping the delegates with skills and tools to author their life, the pageant system encourages them to set up advocacy and fundraising missions to draw attention to causes they feel passionate about.

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