Netherton Syndrome Study with Quoin

Quoin Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. is developing a topical medication containing a new investigational active ingredient, combined with a proprietary polymer delivery system, for the treatment of Netherton Syndrome. 

Quoin is now initiating a Phase 2 study under the guidance of FDA.  Patients must be adults 18 years or older (not pregnant or breastfeeding females) in good general health with a clinical diagnosis of NS (genetic testing may also be required). Patients must have NS lesions on arms or lower legs, and be off NS medications in these areas.  Qualified patients will receive up to 12 weeks of treatment with the majority of patients (~66.6% of those enrolled) will receive active medication.

How to Participate
If you would like to be considered for this exciting study, please click here to see if you may pre-qualify.  Based upon the information provided in the survey, if you pre-qualify for this study one of our Team Members will be contacting you to discuss potential next steps.

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