Ichthyosis is a lifelong skin condition that requires daily and continual care, special medical attention and challenging lifestyle adjustments for those affected, as well as their families. Currently there are very few treatments and there is no cure. Caring and compassion are of the utmost importance, and there is no better way to show someone with ichthyosis that you care, now and always, then to support the mission of FIRST with a monthly gift. Please join FIRST's Leaders Investing in FIRST for Tomorrow (LIFT) Monthly Giving society, our special community of monthly givers who play a leading role in helping families with ichthyosis survive, thrive, and know they will never be alone.



Where Do the Funds Go?

  • It costs FIRST $28, 300 a year to provide the resources our new families depend on. Over 578 families joined our community last year. Your gift of $50 a month will register 12 new families a year.
  • FIRST spends $72,000 to host its Patient Support Forums, one-day meetings held throughout the United States and Canada. Your Gift o of $25 a month will help register one family a month.
  • FIRST spends $79, 046 a year to host our website, publish and mail the Ichthyosis Focus, our quarterly newsletter, and send the e-news, our online newsletter and updates featuring skin tips and research news, to our 5, 300 families. Your donation of $15 a month would help ensure these invaluable resources are always available for those who need them.

Why Monthly Giving? Why join LIFT?

LIFT partners enable FIRST to plan continual opportunties, month after month, for families and individuals to connect and build vital support networks, as well as speak directly with medical experts in the field of ichthyosis.

LIFT  partners ensure the sustainment and growth of FIRST's online educational library and continuation of FIRST publications, placing the latest ichthyosis news, research and resources into the hands of those who need it most.

LIFT partners enjoy the ease of a one time transaction for their monthly donation and the reassurance that they or their loved one with ichthyosis will receive the services and connections they need for an entire lifetime.

LIFT partners inspire medical invesigators, through FIRST Research Grants, to continue their journey of finding better treatments and an eventual cure.

Right now, when you enroll in our monthly giving program and become a FIRST LIFT Society Member, you’ll be offering comfort and care to a community that is depending on people just like you. Please join our LIFT Society. Please Enroll in Monthly Giving to FIRST.



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