One of my nicknames is The Eternal Optimist. And for the most part, that is true. I am mostly optimistic; sometimes, even when it seems unreasonable. My friends say that it can actually be quite annoying. Yet, I still am. Mostly. 

But, you know what?  Sometimes. I’m not. Sometimes, life gets really, really hard.

And sometimes, we have to just feel “it”. Optimism and well wishes are great things but, they don’t fix everything.  And that’s okay too.

We don’t always have to fake it till we make it. Sometimes, we have to just experience the pain, the sadness, the whatever. Sometimes, we have to just go through it, ya know. Sad isn’t always bad. Pain isn’t always bad. Pain is also a sign of healing.  Sad is how we are “supposed” to feel sometimes. It’s okay to feel bad or good or anywhere in between. Just feel. Feel however you feel.  Embrace “your” feelings.  Embrace you!  Feel. Take the time you need.  And feel.  And know that it will be okay. Somehow, it will get better or you’ll get through “it”. Uh oh. My optimism is kicking back in.

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