Christopher Boynton, along with The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) and The Coalition of Skin Diseases (CSD) travelled to our nation's capital as a part of the AADA Legislative Conference. He advocated for our ichthyosis and related skin types members all week long.

The asks were:

  • Fund the NIH budget at $49 billion, up from 46.
  • Fund the Chronic Disease Education and Awareness Program at the CDC at $6 million. This program makes grants to groups representing conditions (not already receiving support) to fund awareness programs.
  • To please cosponsor and work to advance the  Pharmacy Benefit° Manager Transparency Act of 2022 S.4293.
  • The Safe Step Act  S 464/HR 2163 - Step Therapy practices require patients to try and fail one or more treatments before the insurer will cover the treatment originally prescribed, delaying proper treatment and worsening health outcomes.
  • Please cosponsor and work to advance the HELP Copays Act HR 5801-requires health insurance plans to apply certain payments made by, or on behalf of, a plan enrollees toward a plan's cost-sharing requirements





Contingent from The Coalition of Skin Disorders

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