Surveys of the ichthyosis community, specifically individuals affected with ichthyosis and their families, have indicated that research is the primary area of interest and a top priority for funds donated to FIRST.  Research is fundamental to our mission. Over the years, investigators have made novel advances into the causes and treatments for the ichthyoses.

FIRST has a proud history of funding research. For many years, FIRST funded research through the Dermatology Foundation. The Dermatology Foundation is a well-respected nonprofit organization, that is second only to the National Institutes of Health in the funding of dermatological research.  To stimulate more interest and provide a focused direction, FIRST officially launched its own Research Grant Program in 2006. This program promotes and strengthens investigation into the causes, treatments, and potential cures for ichthyosis. Summaries of the many projects that have been funded by FIRST are available.

In addition to the projects FIRST has funded, additional research articles about ichthyosis-related research are available.


Patient Recruitment Opportunities

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