A glimpse into the FIRST National Conference

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FIRST was fortunate to showcase three keynote speakers at the conference in Providence.

Shawn Harper

Former NFL Offensive Tackle Shawn Harper offers a motivational keynote on overcoming limitations and winning small, daily battles that compound for greater success.

Hunter Steinitz

Hunter Steinitz tells her story of living with ichthyosis and encourages others to tell theirs.

Andrew Buerger


Presentation slides may be Viewed Here




Standing Up for Yourself

- Dave Boyer, Legal Director at Disability Rights Rhode Island

A crash course in legal rights and self-advocacy for daily life.

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Participating in Clinical Trials

- panel members: Stefanos Koustoukos; Jess Ruiz, Timber Pharmaceuticals; Saisditya Badeti; Christina and Peyton Fleagle

Ichthyosis & FIRST: Common Themes in my Life of Research

- Leonard Milstone
Dr. Milstone is a pre-eminent ichthyosis researcher and clinician, FIRST MSAB member, and FIRST Board Member Emeritus. Here he shares a retrospective talk given at the FIRST 2022 National Conference - Providence.

Presentation slides may be Viewed Here




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