Date: 02/18/2013

Members and friends are always seeking tips for managing their skin.  With the winter weather and dry heat running indoors, sometimes skin becomes even more itchy.  The National Eczema Association recently shared some tips from their members with us and we are sharing them with you.  Some are tried and true, some may be new to you.






RC  Always wear cotton, keep moist, and rub instead of scratching your skin.

JR  Smack it, don't scratch it!  You get a sensation, but you're not ripping flakes of skin off in the process.

MT  Frogg Toggs cooling towel

MC  Avoid getting stressed, and rest.

MS  I always have moisturizer with me.

MM Keep busy, distracted, and hands occupied

MF Pure and unrefined Evening Primrose Oil supplement.  It has made a huge improvement!

TB  We use "boo boo" packs, which are ice packs with terry cloth covers on them so the ice pack won't directly touch the skin.  When they get hot, all bets are off.  Cool them down and it helps.  Also, we gently "slap" the itch instead of scratching.

HS  Pour cold water over the itch.

RB  Moisturize, use appropriate prescribed cream and sometimes antihistamine.  Pat it, don't scratch it.  And always wear 100% cotton clothes. 

JE  Aloe.  My daughter loves putting it on herself.

VD  Bath and moisturizer with Avène cream.

SR  Ice

IM  Keeping my nails filed.

TL Vegan soap, Eucerin cream ( I keep it in the fridge so it's nice and cold), antihistamines, taking internally and applying fish oil omega 3 supplements directly to the skin.  And stay busy, get your mind off of the itching if you can.

BS A cold, damp washcloth.

AM  A bath with apple cider vinegar.

RE Moisturize-Moisturize.  Ice for unbearable itching and burning.  Find and address your triggers.  Always ask your doctor before starting any treatment program.

For more information on managing itch, visit the itch page on FIRST's website.

Reprinted with permission from The Advocate, a quarterly publication of the National Eczema Association

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