The Indianapolis Colts are the first NFL team to respond to FIRST's photo and donation request.   The members of the Colts organization had Tommy pose for photos and even chronicled his visit with a story!  They then sent him on to another NFL team to continue his adventures.

The Amazing Story of Tommy
As Doug, the head mail carrier for the Indianapolis Colts, opened today’s mail he gasped as he noticed Tommy sealed inside.  With a giant, deep breath Tommy took in his new surroundings.  He was inside the Colts Practice Facility, the home of the Indianapolis Colts, among the stars of the NFL.  Tommy discussed what it is like to travel through the mail and Andrew Luck enlightened him on what it is like playing football for a living.  They became great friends.  Reggie Wayne walked in the room and remembered meeting Tommy previously.  Reggie was just a young rookie when they first met.

Tommy greeted them both, but decided to head out toward the practice field where he wanted to test his long time dream of kicking field goals.  Happening to be at the right place at the right time, Adam Vinatieri walked in and said hello.  He began belting booming kicks through the uprights to the amazement of onlookers.  Tommy decided to give it a try.  Taking 3 steps back and 2 over, Tommy hesitated, zeroing in on the pigskin.  He ran up to the ball and belted a 45-yard field goal straight through the goal posts.  Better than Vinatieri had ever done.  Kick after kick, Tommy awed the audience that now accumulated to over 100 fans and players.

The coaches even came to watch the amazing boy Tommy.  At the end of the day, Tommy had made numerous new friends, including head coach Chuck Pagano.  Coach Pagano liked Tommy so much that he offered him a million dollar contract to play for the Colts.  However, Tommy cherished his family and friends back home too much to move to Indianapolis permanently.  Instead, Tommy just wanted to watch his new friends practice as they continued preparations for the 2012 season.

Inside the indoor practice facility, Tommy sat on the field and cheered on the Colts.  Tommy plans to stay in contact with his new friends the Colts and vowed to return on a later date.  Tommy said that next time he would come to play.
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