An Hour of Ichthyosis on the Radio in California

Robyn S. gave birth to a happy, healthy daughter, Geordyn Lily, on June 28, 2010.  Geordyn was born with a collodion membrane.  It was later determined that Geordyn has congenital ichthyosis.  Dr. Marvin Trotter, of the Ukiah Valley Medical Center, where Geordyn was born, conducts a show on KZXY in Mendocino County, California.  He asked Robyn and her mother, Lynn, a physician’s assistant and midwife, to appear on the show to discuss ichthyosis. Lynn is very proactive in her community and is well-known for her fundraising and charitable events.  Robyn, who is a Registered Nurse, and her mother spent an hour on the radio show Mind, Body, & Health on a Tuesday morning in January and did a truly fantastic job speaking about ichthyosis and often promoting FIRST.  The family is planning on attending the 2012 National Family Conference in Denver with their beautiful little girl who is the light of their lives.

You can listen to the entire program via this link to the KZXY Program Archives.
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