RE: New Inherited Skin Disorders Microbiome Study (Yale HIC #2000023381)

If you are an adult and are enrolled in the Ichthyosis Registry and know that the cause of your
ichthyosis is a mutation in either KRT10, TGM1, ABCA12; ALOXB12B or SPINK5 you may
qualify to participate in a new research study to identify the microbes (bacteria, fungi, viruses)
that normally live on your skin.

Participants must be age 18 and over and be willing to have the surface of their skin swabbed in
several places and have painless measurements taken on their surface of their skin.
The research will take place in conjunction with the FIRST meeting you will soon be attending. If you wish to participate in this clinical research study or would like to learn more, please call or e-mail Dr. Nan Ring, ( or 972-408-8186) or Dr. Leonard Milstone, (, or 203-785-3646).

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