Date: 11/29/2016

On October 6, 2016 results were published in the PLOS journal regarding a recent X-Linked personality survey. The article is titled Behavioural and Psychiatric Phenotypes in Men and Boys with X-Linked Ichthyosis: Evidence from a Worldwide Online Survey. An abstract of the results can be found at:

FIRST MSAB member, Dr. Jennifer Hand of the Mayo Clinic adds, “This study is interesting but has important limitations to consider.  Many of the individuals studied were collected from within patient support groups. This means that the study is likely biased towards individuals who had severe enough health concerns that they or their families sought out help from a support group.  That is, this study probably overemphasizes the behavioral problems associated with XLI.  A more meaningful result would come from a random sample of individuals found to have the gene deletion that causes X-linked ichthyosis.”

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