Date: 09/08/2021

Q: Hi. My son is 10 and has lamellar ichthyosis. I have two questions for parents of older children:

1. How did your child’s skin change when they went through puberty?

2. Does anyone take any supplements that you feel benefit your child’s skin?

Thank you!


  • My son is almost 16 with CIE. I’ve noticed his skin often looks worse, but I think that’s because he’s taking over more of the care. He has had some acne that he’s been annoyed with. He hasn’t started growing a beard yet.
  • As far as supplements, we have noticed that a good probiotic helps with yeast infection that he struggles with Using Zeasorb Anti-Fungal in his socks is even better since that’s where it usually starts. He also takes D3 and a multivitamin, but not sure that it really helps his skin. He’s tried collagen supplements but that didn’t seem to do much if anything. My kiddo still doesn’t need deodorant.
  • Mine either.
  • Has your son had any skin changes with puberty
  • Not really. Just a bit rougher looking because he is doing all the care and doesn’t really care. I think he’s just now starting to want to look “good”. He has suddenly kind of gained a style of dress and wants to wear cologne. I think he’s growing up.??
  • Anyone use Biotin in addition to D3 and multi?
  • My friend gives her son Biotin and says she really sees a difference! But he is much younger so I don’t know if that makes a difference.
  • Yes that is correct. We break in summer, as skin likes summer more but I’m going to start again this winter to see if it helps at all.
  • My son will be 16 next week and puberty was a bit difficult. He smelled different/bad than his normal ichthyosis smell. It took a long time to find the right stuff for it. We still use it now since he plays basketball year-round plus lifts weights. He uses men’s Dial Odor Armor body wash in the shower and Dude Powder from Amazon. He did not and still hasn’t had any trouble at all with acne (my other son who is almost 20 and not affected had way more issues with that). His skin seemed to be darker and thicker during that time and he would get infections more I feel. He has always taken a multi vitamin but now he has been on vitamin D gummies and also C gummies. Just for extra precaution.
  • The daily soap and dude powder were game changers. Thank you for that advice.
  • Oh good I’m so glad! ??
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