Date: 10/26/2021

Q: A question about my teen daughter again ??, anyone get their belly button pierced?


  • I did, I have LI and never had any issues. Once I had kids, I gave it up.
  • I did at 14 and have EI. I took it out at like 17 and it stayed open for a while, then the hole literally healed open and the outer piece of skin just disappeared lol. Can't even tell I had one now.
  • I got one when I was 16 (I have LI) and it never gave me major issues. Infections every now and then but that is just general piercing maintenance and extra care because of lotion use. I became pregnant a couple years ago and and after a while I had to take it out. I still have a hole, just nothing big enough for a ring.
  • Yup! I've had mine since I was 16 ?? (now 29 and still love it) only problems I've had was when I didn’t keep it clean or left it out more than a day, and even then it wasn’t bad. Just make sure you go somewhere reputable to avoid infection. Check Yelp!
  • Not belly button, but other body parts. Piercings heal quickly on us, and I need to move the barbell every once in a while so the skin doesn't heal to it. Just don't leave the jewelry out, or the piercing will close up quickly.
  • I had one and I loved it. My LI didn't affect it. I had to take it out when I got pregnant and it just wasn't so cute. ??
  • ?? what a great mom u are! I only have pierced ears to speak of & they are fine for 40 plus years.
  • I'm not about it actually, lol but I told her I would ask.??
  • Yep. My body rejected it. My skin pushed it out until my belly button opened where the piercing was. It needed stitches
  • I was thinking the skin grows so fast that it would close even when the ring is in
  • It may have been trying to heal itself as it pushed the ring through my skin.
  • My skin rejected the navel but not my ears. I have LI.
  • It was a bummer. I actuallydid it twice. Once on top and bottom of naval. ????‍??
  • I have LI and got my ears done at 3 years old.  No problems. But, got my belly button at 16-17 yrs old and it got infected over and over. Skin over grown and got rejected and messed up. The way it looks, eek! It was painful and not the cute teenage piercing I had hoped for LOL!
  • This is what I'm afraid of!
  • I feel like it might be the size of the gauge. I had no problems with ears.
  • What’s better as far as gauge size?
  • I just meant the belly ring is so huge and the ear is so small. That must be the difference.
  • Oh ok lol I thought you meant the size of the belly ring could make a difference.


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