Date: 02/16/2021

Member Profile - Carlie F.

How amazing is this? Carlie has competed in many pagents before, utilizing her talent and beaufy. Here's she goes again!

Age: 16

Hobbies: Ballet, clogging, being in pageants, reading, crafting

Fun Fact: I usually heal from small scratches and cuts by the next day because of how quickly my body produces new skin due to the skin condition I have. Read more here.

Her mom Betty Ann said “I’m so excited to finally get to share some very exciting news!!! Miss Janet Richardson, the director of the pageant that Carlie competed in last weekend messaged us on Tuesday and offered Carlie a title! So Carlie will get to represent East Tennessee at the internationals in Florida in July! So, I am pleased to introduce to you, your RIM Miss East Tennessee Junior Teen Role Model, Carlie Foulks!"

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