Date: 04/11/2022

FIRST Member Abel Borg was published in the Feb 2022 OECTA Teacher Magazine and he wrote this poem below, which he hopes to make into a series. Congrats Abel!

It's Not Easy Having Ichthyosis

Written by Abel Borg

It's not easy having ichthyosis,

searching for a diagnosis.

People stare,

only few truly care.


It’s not easy being hot,

always getting caught.

People stare,

always thinking its unfair.


It’s not easy having cracks,

can’t do all those jumping jacks.

People stare,

a lot left unsaid in the air.


It’s not easy being red,

rumours always spread.

People stare,

not wanting to wear beachwear.


It’s not easy telling your story,

being put in a category.

People stare,

we’re always aware.


It’s not easy to share,

so you can be aware.

People stare,

and we must bare.

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